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Start Your Own Fundraising Page to Help PAN Give Hope!

Want to help raise money for PAN? Create your own PAN personal fundraising page! To create a page simply enter an email address & password so that you can access your personal fundraising page in the future. Afterwards you will receive an email confirmation and can start customizing your page!

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Select a program to raise money to help patients with a specific disease. If no program is selected, donations will be used at the Foundation’s discretion to fund disease-specific programs and other patient initiatives.

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  • Above is an example of a PAN Personal Fundraising Page. Many people set-up a page in memory or in honor of someone, to help give back to PAN or are passionate about a certain assistance program.
  • When you register to the left you will receive a page similar to the one above. A pop-up box will instruct you on the many different ways to customize your page.
  • This page will display the PAN Foundation program you are fundraising for, if you have chosen a certain program, as well as your story, images and any other information you wish to share. You will create a customized URL. Only those you share your customized URL link will be able to see your page.
  • You can now track your donations and who donates. PAN will still provide an acknowledgment letter to those that donate through your page.
  • Once you’ve completed your page you can share your customized URL with friends and family who can help you in your journey of raising money to provide hope for the many patients and families who rely on PAN. Please feel free to reach out to for any questions.